If your charter bus is booked and your bus rental date is coming up, it’s time to start packing. coats jackets While it is recommended you pack light, there are a few items you can bring to make your charter bus trip more comfortable. Carry-on luggage: Much like airplane travel, charter bus rentals allow you to store a bag under the bus and take a smaller, carry-on-sized bag onto the bus. Keep in mind, you may not have access to bags in storage until you reach your destination so keep everything you need with you inside the charter bus. adidas zx flux store Comfort Items: Depending on the length of your charter bus trip, you may want to consider packing items such as comfortable clothes, a travel pillow, a small blanket, tissues, ear plugs and an eye mask. Having these things will keep you comfortable and make it easier for you to get some rest during the ride. Road Snacks: While long charter bus trips may have scheduled stops, the food available at the stops may not be want you want or need. Parajumpers Pas Cher Simple sandwiches, trail mix, fruit and a bottle of water are good options that will keep you hydrated and nourished. Entertainment: Packing portable entertainment may be especially important if you’re traveling alone. The long road can feel even longer when you don’t have things to occupy your mind. adidas zx 700 Keep yourself busy by bringing along books, magazines, playing cards and your electronic devices.