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    Checklist for a Long Charter Bus Trip

    If your charter bus is booked and your bus rental date is coming up, it’s time to start packing. coats jackets While it is recommended you pack light, there are a few items you can bring to make your charter bus trip more comfortable. Carry-on luggage: Much like airplane travel, charter bus rentals allow you to store a bag under the bus and take a smaller, carry-on-sized bag onto the bus. Keep in mind, you may not have access to bags in storage until you reach your destination so keep everything you need with you inside the charter bus. adidas zx flux store Comfort Items: Depending on the length of your charter bus trip, you may want to consider packing items such as comfortable clothes, a travel pillow, a small blanket, tissues, ear plugs and an eye mask. Having these things will keep you comfortable and make it easier for you to get some rest during the ride. Road Snacks: While long charter bus trips may have scheduled stops, the food available at the stops may not be want you want or need. Parajumpers Pas Cher Simple sandwiches, trail mix, fruit and a bottle of water are good options that will keep you hydrated and nourished. Entertainment: Packing portable entertainment may be especially important if you’re traveling alone. The long road can feel even longer when you don’t have things to occupy your mind. adidas zx 700 Keep yourself busy by bringing along books, magazines, playing cards and your electronic devices.

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    Why a Charter Bus is the Best Option for Your Spring Family Reunion

    Family reunions round up relatives from all over to catch up, have fun and create some new

    memories. However, if you’re dreading the long drive there, a charter bus may be your best


    Avoid Delays with Charter Buses

    The best way to make sure that the entire family makes it to the reunion on time is to travel

    together. With bus rentals, you can reduce the number of family members who straggle behind

    or get lost on the road. This also means that the family fun begins as soon as you hit the road,

    giving you more time to share stories with family instead of wasting time trying to figure out

    where everyone is.

    Charter Buses are the Affordable Option

    Compared to other modes of transportation, charter buses are the least expensive option when

    traveling in large groups. When the cost is divided among all passengers, you’ll find your travel

    expenses have been minimized, especially if you’re traveling in a full charter bus. In addition,

    using a charter bus also improves gas efficiency, saving you even more money on fuel.

    Enjoy Safety, Professionalism and Amenities

    Our friendly Dallas charter bus drivers are professionals who are experts in traffic laws, the

    roads they drive and their buses, taking the stress out of your travel plans. Today, charter bus

    travel is considered one of the safest forms of travel when compared to other means of

    transportation. Ensure the entire family arrives safely by traveling together in a charter bus.

    Plus, charter buses offer amenities that are often nonexistent or expensive with other travel

    options such as electrical outlets, televisions, and wifi.

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    Book a Charter Bus for 2017!

    2017 is here and it is time to grab the year by the horns! It’s time to explore new places, meet new people, and most importantly, enjoy the new year. Whether you are with a small group of friends, with your family or planning a large group trip, now is the time to experience new things. With beautiful, snowy, wintery scenery at an all-time high, now is the time to travel across the nation. And there is no better way to travel while experiencing the beauty of winter than in a charter bus.

    You’re probably thinking, “why should I rent a bus when I can save time and money booking a flight?” Well, here are three reasons why you should consider a charter bus as your main source of transportation for groups.


    To avoid discomfort

    One of the most important factors in traveling is making sure you are having a comfortable trip as a passenger. It is hard to fully achieve that goal during a flight, unless you can afford first class seats (and not too many people fall into that category). Planes are designed to fit as many passengers into a narrow vessel, which leaves little to no room to stretch out and be comfortable. With a charter bus, you are able to choose the size of the bus and how many seats you want so you can accommodate all of the passengers’ needs while staying comfortable.


    To reduce delays

    Booking a flight is the most convenient means of transportation for travelers because it saves time. But the problem with booking a flight is travelers do not have control over flight delays, which can be crucial and sometimes can ruin travel plans. By booking a charter bus, you can discuss with the licensed and certified bus driver about the stops and duration of stops during travel time. If there are extreme weather conditions or last minute requests from travelers, passengers can rearrange route options to fully accommodate their needs to make their trip a memorable experience.


    Enjoy more modern amenities

    Rather than paying for limited amenities for a short period of time during a flight, you can choose the amenities you want on your bus so you are not stuck with a dead phone or laptop. Charter buses have a lot of options to choose from so you are not bored and device-less during your travel time.


    Lone Star Coaches, charter bus company, is the best and the most reliable company for your 2017 trips! Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area, Lone Star Coaches is BBB accredited and is a member of the United Motor Coach Association, Dallas Chamber of Commerce, and Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce, which guarantees safety and reliability. The best bus company in Dallas, Lone Star is the company with which to book your next destination trip. Don’t wait to start your trip, contact them today!


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    Dallas charter bus

    Benefits of Charter Buses

    When it comes to traveling, transportation is most the important part to plan. Hats It also can be very stressful, especially if traveling with a large group. mu legend zen for sale pants jeans Finding the best means of transportation can be daunting due to finances as well as reliability. Round trip airline tickets can be pricey, train tickets can be limited and a caravan can only fit so many people. buy mu legend items So what’s the best way to travel while considering price and group size? Charter buses are the answer.   Booking a charter bus is beneficial in many ways. Charter buses are driven by expert professional drivers who know the roads, traffic laws, and buses. cheap mu legend redzen This guarantees safety for all passengers and travelers to create a stress-free travel experience. Most importantly, charter buses help travel planners save money in the long run. The cost of a charter is less expensive than any other means of transportation when traveling in large groups.   Lone Star Coaches, a Texas-based company, is the best travel company to help travelers get to their destination. With their BBB credibility and highest safety rating rendered by both the DOT and DOD, Lone Star Coaches will guarantee safety for the best price.

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    It’s Always A Good Time to Explore.

      For every season, there is always tourist traveling to famous site’s, whether it is for business, social or educational purposes. A trip to the museum or a trip around the city may seem like a simple trip for a group of 4 people, but it becomes difficult when the group’s size exceeds up to 150 people. adidas nmd Transportation is an essential part of traveling— it can either make a trip enjoyable or a disaster. Finding a reliable transportation service that will accommodate to a client’s needs can be a difficult and daunting task.   Lone Star Coaches Inc. is the charter bus service that everyone needs! Established since 1979, the Dallas Texas based company is Better Business Bureau accredited has earned top star ratings for their transportation services. Their services range from school events and business meetings to vacations, weddings, and group airport transfers. Lone Star Coaches Inc. Buy MU Online Legend Power Leveling also has a wide range of coach buses with a variety of interior features such as reclining seats, built-in footrests, individual AC/Heating vents, and Wi-Fi. And there is no size minimum or maximum, as well as the guarantee of passengers’ safety!   So there is no need to second guess your next big trip. Call Lone Star Coach Inc.

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    How To Travel During The Fall Season | Charter Bus

    The fall season brings cool weather, early nights and beautiful scenery as the spring and summer plants and animals start preparing for dormancy. rucksack jack wolfskin perfect day Outdoor Shoes It is also great for people to participate in activities like hiking, camping, or simple family bonding. With Christmas and winter approaching, it is a great time to plan a group trip to a cabin or an orchard for apple picking and cider tasting — yummy!   Planning activities for a group trip can be both exciting and a real hassle, especially when it comes to transportation. Transportation is a crucial part of a group trip and it can be stressful. MU Legend Items But with charter bus services, getting to and from your destination can become the most enjoyable part of the entire trip!   A charter bus service is the most convenient and budget-friendly method of transportation when it comes to big parties. With a wide variety of sizes and features, you can choose the most accommodating type of bus for your trip. With a charter bus service, you can also coordinate a route that is scenic and tourist friendly with a knowledgeable driver to amplify the adventure of your trip!   Lone Star Coaches is the best charter bus service to book your next family trip. mu legend redzen for sale Based near Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, Lone Star Coaches provides passengers with top quality services such as bus rentals and shuttles throughout Texas and nationwide.

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    Why a Bus Charter is the Perfect Option

    We spend much of our lives commuting, traveling, attending events, or visiting destinations. One of the best and most affordable ways to travel in this area is by a Texas charter bus.

    Group Airport Transfers

    Don’t spend time and money worrying who will pick you up from the airport. Hop into the best shuttle bus rental Dallas has to offer and enjoy a safe, secure ride to your hotel or destination. Save money by joining a group transfer and enjoy a friendly ride.

    Functions and Tours

    A Dallas coach bus can take you and your peers (school, church, etc.) on an exciting city tour or to a group outing in a clean, comfortable, and convenient ride. Planning a function? You handle the details of the day and we’ll handle the rest – getting you there quickly and comfortably.


    Are you and your friends and family heading to a large event? Do you need a designated driver for a large group of party goers? Lone Star Coaches is the leader in Dallas bus rentals. Plan your trip today and let a charter bus take you safely to and from your big event.

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